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Just Two more things, before I Go

A reminder of the last  TWO pieces of advice that my Daddy gave before he died,... which Saved Me "Big B, From Big D"  was what they called him.... and trust me, he earned that name right down to the very last letter. Not a man of many words, but a demeanor which spoke loud enough for the world to hear when he walked in your direction ( minus the action movie theme music).   Big broad shoulders attached to a frame large enough to make the house seem smaller whenever he'd enter through the front door. It's no wonder why his presence had me feeling both warm on the inside and cold on the outside . Because he never liked to repeat himself, whenever Daddy  did  have something to say, he'd say it in a way that would demand your undivided attention. Without raising his voice, using the  combination of a deep, strong vocal tone and razor blade eyes ( a technique i'm sure he developed over the years) kept nothing short of the fear of God in me, when he gave inst

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